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Monday, August 30, 2004


I just had a thought. If souls are truly reincarnated, recycled, etc, how to account for the drastic increases in population? how could those 10,000 souls from the neolithic populate the 6.18 billion bodies in the world today? Easy enough to believe that the majority of the people in the world are soulless, or that the souls are getting smaller as their material must be spread over so many people, but I think that the more reasonable suggestion woul be that souls can divide, like cellular mitosis, replicating themselves to create another that is identical until life and evolution change them. This would explain all those kindred souls, how some people
feel such a tight connection without even knowing each other, or how someone from a distinctly different background can be so much like yout that is is uncanny. I have not explored the idea yet, so I'll have to give it more thought to decide if I accept the idea or not, but it is an interesting thought.
I have now constructed a licorice stonehenge on my desk, but I fear it will not be as long lived as the original, since I'm getting rather hungry looking at it. Maybe that's why they don't make more monuments out of candy.

A Relationship With Words

I think that I both love and hate words. I love them for what they can do, and I hate them for what they cant do. Properly crafted words can accomplish amazing things - look at the Bible, the Magna Carta, Darwin's Origin of Species, they all changed the world. But when words try to convey the deeper truths, to give the meaning behind the word LOVE, or to explain some of the inherent truths of the soul, or to describe how the air smells different on the night of the full moon, that is where they show their weakness; that is where they fail.
To be a good writer, I think you must hate words. I think a truly great writer must see the inherent weakness of words, the great distance between words and the truths they are meant to express, and so works so hard in order to force them to achieve more, to help the words become closer to what they should be.
So having pointed out the hopeless inferiority of words, I'll use them nonethelss, since I have nothing else to write with.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Godzilla's special friends

Just saw some cheesy Japanese Godzilla-type monster movie, and I was thinking. Yes, thinking. What do all the good-guy monsters or robots have in common? That they all seem to spend inordinate amounts of time alone with some little boy. They are always friends with no one but the one cute little Japanese boy. Does this disturb anyone else? When will the Japanese government stop trading the innocence of their children for the alliance of monsters and robots? Its time for this to stop.

The Secret of Kraft

You know, if there was one thing I could tell all the females, of the world, it would probably be something about how good I am in bed and my phone number. But if I could say two things, the other would be to inform them that cheese of all kinds is readily available at the supermarket. You don’t need any kind of password or special connection to get it. Just buy it. I have never understood why my female roommates and neighbors always come to my refrigerator and consume all the cheese like a plague of locusts. They act as if my refrigerator is a secret treasure trove of cheese, available nowhere else.
So that is my message to the women of the world.
“Call me.”
“Buy your own God damn cheese!”

Sampler Platter

Don’t you hate when you’re having a conversation with a girl, and she asks you some veiled meaningful question, but you don’t figure out that it was a symbolic rather than a literal question until about a week later when you’re trying to figure out why she hasn’t returned any of your calls? And after that you’re trying to fix it, calling her, saying things like
“Wait, wait, I just meant I like the sampler platter at TgiFriday’s, because its got those potstickers and the southwestern egg rolls with the dipping sauce, but like, if we’re being symbolic, I like to find one dish and settle down with it, and never eat anyone, anything else!”
She: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. And what’s with the egg rolls? American food isn’t good enough for you? You saying you want to sample some asian ho? Sample away, Sampler-Boy!” *click*


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