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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Okay, I'm still alive - had a move and a lot of preparation for my family's visit for the holidays, so have not had a chance to write in a while. In reference to my last post, I'm happy to say that after the debate got even uglier, we decided to just stop and all apologized - no matter how much you disagree with someone's politics, its never worth breaking freindships over. Well, unless you're friends with Dubya.
I had an amazing Christmas - for the first time ever I hosted the holidays, with my parents coming from Hawai'i and my brother and his family coming from Atlanta, and for the first time in six years we had the whole family together in one place. It was a really great holiday - everyone was happy, we all had fun, there was no drama, and the beautiful Christmas dinner I cooked came out really well. I was sure something would go horribly wrong somewhere along the way.
On another subject, I watched Donnie Darko last night. What a great movie! My only criticism is that the movie didnt really provide enough information to understand it just by watching, even to the most attentive and intuitive watcher. Sure, you could figure out the basics of what happened, but only the barest impression. I'm not sure what I think of leaving that amount of information out - I do like the fact that like life, all the mysteries are never solved. Anyway, its given me some ideas to think about in my own writing. I fully recommend the movie to anyone.