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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Road

Its been forever since I've written here. Honestly, I think I felt that while married, with my wife reading my blog, and being most of what my life involved, I couldn't really share things honestly, other than saying wonderful things about her (which I did occasionally, but writing for me is more commonly a vent for frustrations and discontent than a means for cheerleading). We're separated now, with differing opinions on whether that will become permanent. Maybe its not surprising considering my philosophy on other subjects that this new turn in my life feels like an adventure. I've always embraced the unknown, maybe just a general optimism that a bend in the road can always hide something awesome beyond it. I was certainly unhappy with the status quo before, so regardless of whether G and I get back together, I think that is past. Right now I just want to undertake everything. Learn to snowboard, do a lot more kayaking this summer, and explore more of the cities in driving distance from home. And definitely more road trips. Road trips rock. Most importantly though, I'm hoping to make my friends a much larger part of my life now. That loss was what bothered me the most about marriage, and I dont think I'll get married ever again unless I'm confident it wont happen again. My friends are just way too great a part of me to ever let go. I'm excited for the future again.


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