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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Line in the sand

Okay, yes, I'm crap. I am the worst blogger in the world and deserve to be flogged. I'm sure there's some sort of joke available for that last sentence, but I'm not quite that bad that I'd go there.
So I'm writing something now, but I'm afraid I have absolutely nothing to say. Which is really why I didn't write anything before. All my writing vibes have been going into my script, and once that is exhausted, even a polysyllabic reply in an email is a challenge.
I guess there is one thing worth mentioning here. I'm giving some thought to a return to South Carolina. It would be very hard. There are many things about LA that are very easy to get used to. Hell, I went into hot actress withdrawal just moving the six miles from West Hollywood to Silverlake. Anyway, the idea was spurred by being rejected for the most lowly bottom of the barrel lawyer job there is, even with a great interview and a personal recommendation by an existing employee. And that was for a dead-end job with no benefits, future, or the slighest opportunity for advancement, that requires me to be a lawyer only as a pure technicality. And though there's no way for you, my readers (okay, reader) to know it, I'm a damn good lawyer. So now I'm 32, still don't have a steady enough job that I can buy the good shampoo at the store (no, not gay, but living in West Hollywood and Silverlake I still have to stand next to the gay men in the grocery store line, and I am not going to be the only guy in the store who isnt hit on) So I decided that if I don't have a decent job by the end of this year I'm moving back to South Carolina for a couple years. I have a lot of friends there and shouldn't have too much trouble getting a good lawyer job in an area of law that I like. Then I can return to LA with a couple years experience and actually be able to get a decent job here. Unless I decide I'm ready to settle down there, but I'm not sure how likely that is. So that's the plan. Will I wuss out and ditch the whole idea when the time comes? Time will tell. The state of my relationship might influence my decision as well, though it won't be a determining factor.
Wow, go figure, I did have something worth mentioning. Groovy.